Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Just Inspire (p. 3)

Just Inspire (Music: Aphex Twin-"Fingerbib")
Zhian Kamvar

Tear the skin. A
flap of flesh hangs
down as this force
called gravity
welcomes it to
become one with
the ground. I dive
into the pool
of blood that waits.

Flowing out of
the arteries
and veins, it falls
down the skin like
rain from empty
Fields will flow to
empty creek beds

Down stream in the
Vena Cava
is where I will
swim. Bumping this
way and that, try
to keep up with
flowing matrix
secreted by
friendly blood cells.
I climb upon
and surf the stream
on my way to
the heart. I can

see atrium
is waiting for
me, drinking my
brothers, sharing
them with its heart's
body. Now my turn,
in atrium.
is of the right,
through tricuspid,

In atrium,
is of the left,
through bicuspid,
out aortic
dispersed into
arteries I
will flow to my
and give waiting
cells oxygen
to breathe and live
for one more day.

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